Donnerstag, 10. November 2011


Guten Tag!

So today is the day, haha

Thank you so much for your patience.. ♥
Gomen ne~! >_<

Yesterday I managed to take picutes, so beware.. its a lot!
Or maybe I'll make two posts out of this..?
We'll see!
So first let's take a look at what I bought myself (\(^u^)/)

 8th Anniversary Issues of MEN'S KNUCKLE! (11/11 ; 12/11)
unfortunately I forgot to buy the first of the three Anniversary magazines.. ;; so I missed a cool Rubber Band.. 
But there were other Goods I got! A Black Leather Band and a cool bag with cool brand names on it! ♥ 
Now I'm going to be extremely stlylish (-w-)V


ROCK&READ Magazine! (037/038)
Do you see the left cover?! 
It's Kiryuuin Shou! Golden Bombers Vocalist!
I bought the magazin cause I thought the shooting would be as cute as the cover was.. but... well.. 
I laughed very hard when i looked inside.. haha
(Other Artists featured: 037: Kirito (Angelo), 夢人(Ayabie), Hizumi, Asagi (D), Masashi (Versailles), 桐 (heidi.), Ayame (Matenrou Opera), Rui (Screw), ユ≠キ (Lolita23q), 智 (vistlip), 黒崎眞弥 (kiryu), NAO (by-sexual); 038: Hiroto (Alice Nine), Karyu (Angelo), 零乃 (ViViD), Kyan Yutaka (Golden Bomber), Aoi (The Gazette),  玲夏(d=out), 龍寺 (ZORO), Yuu (Matenrou Opera), 郁磨 (アンド), 海 (vistlip), 平 一洋 (ケミカルピクチャーズ), Hiroto X Aoi (special feature!) )
Please tell me if you are interested in scans! ^-^ 

 My Golden Bomber Love continues! Bought a poster (of Foolsmate i think) and a very old flyer with their former Drummer (dont know his name xD and I'm not interested in knowing either~ I'm happy with Kenji <3)

And I bought the single MEMESHIKUTE/NEMUTAKUTE! It's awesome! including the Makeing-Of of Memeshikute K-Pop Version PV  

 Some Jewelery:

 Cute Rabbit Ring

 MONOMANIA Ring and Necklace ♥♥♥ 


Piccolo (DragonballZ)

Sanji & Mr.2 & a tiny phone snail!

So.. that's it for now haha

I will share my birthday presents in the next post!

See you soon!

Traumfrau ♥ 


Lydia Schmitt hat gesagt…

Awesome Batman ring is awesome! *___*

Hahahaha.. I love the RR cover xDD
It looks like it could be used for some toothpaste commercial! Shiny~~~~~~

Mika hat gesagt…

Hi (:
Danke,dass du mir folgst und vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar.
Den fand ich sooo toll *__*
Ich freu mich,dass wir gegenseitige Leser sind *hug* :D

LaFleur_duMal hat gesagt…

Der Batman Ring ist cool :D