Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012


Hello everybody! ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Do you know Dinner for one or The 90th Birthday?
I always watch this at new year's eve so I thought a quote would be a good title for this entry!

Because you all know what day tomorrow is..!
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
New Year's Eve!!

So...Long time no see (again..) haha.. I'm sorry..  _| ̄|○
(I know I always say this haha.. but it's true! I am!)

I didn't feel like blogging for about half a year (even though I promised to write more..).
Some things happened in my life. The biggest one probably was that I broke up with my gf. 
It was not an easy decision for me to make but I think its better this way.
I'm very sorry.. But I'm sure you can find happiness without me ♥

And then some things happened, that happened in others lifes too!
  • Summer time (too hot!!( ̄□ ̄;) )
During summer time C&A is selling very cute Dirndl (I just tried it though.. It was too expensive for me to buy it.. (TT_TT)

  • Connichi (yay!!(´∀`)♡ ) 
with Mutsumi ♥
This is what I bought and got there ♥
    I wanted to make a picture for my mum, when suddenly a wild Conny appeared!

  • Frankfurt book fair (too crowded!!(((( ;°Д°)))) )

  • Halloween (♥ (´ε` )♡ )

  • a new hair cut (thank you Sashi ♥)

  • concerts (ZIZ & Speecies this time (´∀`)♡)

With Mr. Sadie PinkGalaxy and Mutsumi ♥ (we both look a bit bitchy..hahahah)

and last but not least.. 
  • Christmas time 

It's a  bit belated but I hope everyone of you was able to spend a wonderful Christmas with your family or the ones you love

And Christmas would not be Christmas without presents. I got pretty presents from my family, too, but the best present I received from myself, haha

Please have a look at this wonderful T-shirt ♥(ノ´∀`) kyaa

guess to whom those hands belong..!? kekeke... (and please ignore the mess in the background haha)

what did you say? darvish-san!?? 
..let's have a look!!

You were right!! 
Those are Kenjis Hands!!! 
kyaaa (〃ノ´∀`〃)♥♥♥  Kenji!! Mind your manners!!

This shirt was designed on the occasation of his 32th Birthday in November ♥ 

otanjoubi omedetou Kenji ♥

Let me give you a big birthday kiss!!!

(´ε`  )♡ キス

so.. haha I guess that's enough Kenji spam for today.. 
oh.. wait? What is it Kenji?
You want to show us your muscles!?
..Oh well.. Ok.. go ahead..

Are you happy now, Kenji!? Annoying my dear readers with your super delicious and beautiful body?!?
 Oh boy.. You are driving me crazy!! haha ♥

I wish all of you a happy new year full of peace, laughter and happiness ♥

 @(o・ェ・)@ノ~'' バイバイ ウキキ♪

PS: I started to like monkeys.. haha ♥  @(o・ェ・o)@

Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

(-人-)ごめんよおぉ I'm sorry..

Hello folks!  C川 ̄_ゝ ̄)ノ ハロー♪ 

I feel sooooo bad.. 

I promised to post more often.. 
But I failed (´Д`。)  I'm so sorry..

Well... I downloaded a blogger app for my new mobile.. So maybe this motivates me to make much more updates!! 
ye be warned!

But I don't just want to bore you with my senseless grumbeling!
Instead I want to show you some pretty rare pictures of me and some outfits I wore during the last past month. 

Please tell me how you like them!! >_<
 (and yes.. I know.. I AM chubby.. you don't have to tell me..haha)

So.. I hope this entry turns out well in the end.. Haha.. First try with my mobile.. I'm sorry if anything is showing in a weird way or weird direction.. lol ( ̄□ ̄;) 
[...I edited it a little bit on my computer cause it was just looking too damn weird..]

Bye bye (⌒∇⌒)ノ""マタネー!! 


(And again I'm sorry for bad quality fotos.. they are mobile shots.. haha.. sry..)

Samstag, 21. April 2012


Hi There!

Its Saturday night and I spent my evening with babysitting~ Yay...!
Well.. I promised you a report of the LARP I took part in! But that has to wait because I want to add pics ;; but I dont have any.. haha.. Sorry!

So if you can read (and I think you can because you are reading my blog, haha) then you should know that this post is a tag! 
I've been tagged by  Mutsumi ♥

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs
6. You legitimately have to tag
 well then, レッツ ビギンでございます!
#1 I'm with my girlfriend for 2 1/2 years now!
#2 I'm a WeightWatcher
#3 but I'm still fat...
#4 I'm a Buffy Geek (and I think Giles is sexy.)

#5 I'm going to marry Kenji one day (just a joke? :3.. who knows!?

#6 I love Yankees/ ンキー ..(Could somebody please explain my love for dumb deliquent men to me?! haha)

#7 I love my cat (leo/uwe/leo-uwe/kuschel) like other people love their kids. When he dies I dont know how to live on.

#8 I cry easily

#9 I like porn (deal with it, haha)

#10 Kenji, will you marry me?

 #11 I am probably the only living person on earth who really and earnestly likes Mister Satan

Now Questions by Mutsumi

#1  How many shoes do you own?
... About 30 pairs.. HAHA Omg thats a lot.. But I only wear a hand full of them because most of my shoes are broken and have holes and.. yeah.. xD unable to wear them!

#2 Have you ever thought about plastic surgery? If so, what would you consider?
Liposuction. Because I'm fat.

#3 Do you like Anime/Manga? Tell me your favorites ♥
OF COURSE I DO! My alltime favorites are DragonballZ and One Piece
I also like Kizuna and other random yaoi stuff.. 
The last (and very good!) Anime I watched was InuXBoku SS! 
Yesterday I started to watch PolarbearCafe.. Its kinda weird but cute and I think it has a deep the end.. maybe..
Tomorrow I'm going to start to watch the new LupinIII Anime! I'm so exited!! *-*

#4 Tell me some of your favorite musicians ♥
Gosh.. there are many.. Atm I love GoldenBomber! ♥ And I will always like Dir en grey and Mucc!
Not to forget about Kiyoharu, who has an awesome voice and is unbelievable sexy, haha...
I also like western Music like the good ol' pussy James Blunt, haha, and Rammstein!  Oh and I also LOVE Boygroups like KAT-TUN and The Backsteet Boys.. hihi

#5 Are there any brands that inspire you?
There are brands which I prefered to wear (if they weren't so expensive..) but i cant say weather they inspire me or not.. I wear them with matching stuff..haha.. People and magazins are more what inspire me. Like KERA or SOUL SISTER and my friend Mutsumi, because she has an awesome taste in fashion!

#6 Do you name your belongings? Like bags or shoes or parts of your body?
no.. I only call one of my bags Vivienne, because it's a Vivienne Westwood tote bag~
And I have one pair of pants which I call my "Glückshosen/ Lucky Pants" because I had some really great days while wearing them!

#7 Have you ever been abroad? What is your favorite travel activity?
I've been to Tokyo (And it was the most awesome trip in my life~) and my favorite travel activities are sightseeing and eating *-* oh and I love to watch the people around me!

#8 What's your favorite season? Why?
Usually I like spring because it's not too warm and theres not so much rain.. but atm.. haha ITS RAINING FOR ONE FUCKING WEEK NOW AND ITS COLD AS FUCK!!! DID I SAY THE WORD FUCK ALREADY?! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!

#9 Do you have any phobias or really dislike something?
I HATE GAS MASKS! I'm scared of them and I feel the urge to puke whenever I see one of this cruel things!
Just thinking about what they are for and why people have to use them is so disgusting to me.. Killing people by making them breath poisonus air.. Thats horrible! And the worst thing is kids with gas masks..
...I'm about to cry now.. haha...

#10 What is the last book you read?
Lemony Snicket - The bad beginning
Gerhart Hauptmann - Vor Sonnenaufgang / Before Dawn (required school reading

#11 Finish that sentence: "If I meet you[Mutsumi] I would..."
...say 'ALOHA' and maybe hit you with my shoulder- gentle as always- then talk about the usual stuff and go eating at Café Vienna!
Now My 11 questions!

#1 Whats your favorite food?
#2 Cats or Dogs?
#3  Your favorite Movie?

#4 How many CDs (original copy) do you own? And whats your favorite?

#5 What kind of music do you prefer?

#6 Do you attend Manga and Anime conventions?

#7 How do you want your dream girl/ dream man to look like? (not only body but clothes and style and stuff~)

#8 Do you collect something?

#9 What's your favorite school subject and which one do you hate the most?

#10 Who's gonna be your future husband!?? (please don't take this too serious, haha.. It's the same as with me and Kenji.. I know we'll never be a couple.. ITS ONLY FANGIRLISM!)

#11 Finish that sentence: "If I meet you [Traumfrau] I would..."
And I tag.. 
JJ ,Jani, Linh, .. thats all.. haha.. i dont know any other people who i could tag.. (thats so sad omg T_T....haha)

Well then.. Have a nice Sunday minnasan! 


(ps: i don't know why some of the text has a white background.. x_x.. sorry..)

Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Hello again! ... again, haha

Do you guys remember me?! haha

It's been a long time.. I know..

I've been suuuper lazy.. sorry! >_<

Pretty much nothing happened in my life..

I starded to practice dancing more regular, a friend from america visited us (), and I spent too much money on needless stuff..

One of this needless things was a wig, which actual isn't needless at all..

I bought it, because I'm going to be NSC at a LARP from 13th to 15th of April. (It's called "Stiller Sturm" and it's Harry Potter/ Durmstrang based )

The wig arrived today and I wanted to take some pretty pictures!
I think they turned out pretty good!

What do you guys think?

So.. That's all for today!

I hope I can force myself to write more often!! >_<...

I'm so flaky...ú_u

Well...Good bye my dears!

I wish all of you merry easter holidays!



Donnerstag, 10. November 2011


Guten Tag!

So today is the day, haha

Thank you so much for your patience.. ♥
Gomen ne~! >_<

Yesterday I managed to take picutes, so beware.. its a lot!
Or maybe I'll make two posts out of this..?
We'll see!
So first let's take a look at what I bought myself (\(^u^)/)

 8th Anniversary Issues of MEN'S KNUCKLE! (11/11 ; 12/11)
unfortunately I forgot to buy the first of the three Anniversary magazines.. ;; so I missed a cool Rubber Band.. 
But there were other Goods I got! A Black Leather Band and a cool bag with cool brand names on it! ♥ 
Now I'm going to be extremely stlylish (-w-)V


ROCK&READ Magazine! (037/038)
Do you see the left cover?! 
It's Kiryuuin Shou! Golden Bombers Vocalist!
I bought the magazin cause I thought the shooting would be as cute as the cover was.. but... well.. 
I laughed very hard when i looked inside.. haha
(Other Artists featured: 037: Kirito (Angelo), 夢人(Ayabie), Hizumi, Asagi (D), Masashi (Versailles), 桐 (heidi.), Ayame (Matenrou Opera), Rui (Screw), ユ≠キ (Lolita23q), 智 (vistlip), 黒崎眞弥 (kiryu), NAO (by-sexual); 038: Hiroto (Alice Nine), Karyu (Angelo), 零乃 (ViViD), Kyan Yutaka (Golden Bomber), Aoi (The Gazette),  玲夏(d=out), 龍寺 (ZORO), Yuu (Matenrou Opera), 郁磨 (アンド), 海 (vistlip), 平 一洋 (ケミカルピクチャーズ), Hiroto X Aoi (special feature!) )
Please tell me if you are interested in scans! ^-^ 

 My Golden Bomber Love continues! Bought a poster (of Foolsmate i think) and a very old flyer with their former Drummer (dont know his name xD and I'm not interested in knowing either~ I'm happy with Kenji <3)

And I bought the single MEMESHIKUTE/NEMUTAKUTE! It's awesome! including the Makeing-Of of Memeshikute K-Pop Version PV  

 Some Jewelery:

 Cute Rabbit Ring

 MONOMANIA Ring and Necklace ♥♥♥ 


Piccolo (DragonballZ)

Sanji & Mr.2 & a tiny phone snail!

So.. that's it for now haha

I will share my birthday presents in the next post!

See you soon!

Traumfrau ♥